Ashley Johns, Direct Install Specialist

Ashley believes everyone has to start somewhere, and, if people learn a bit about energy efficiency, it might spark interest in other sustainability issues. She hopes to be that catalyst for learning in her role at at Energy Insight, Inc.

As a direct install specialist, she visits apartments and other multi-family facilities, sharing information about energy- and water-saving measures and installing helpful items such as LED lights, faucet aerators, low-flow shower heads, and water heater blankets.

Ashley is passionate about the environment and sustainability.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental biology and psychology from Illinois College in Jacksonville, Ill., followed by a master’s degree in global sustainability from Webster University in St. Louis, Mo. She served two years in AmeriCorps, helped rewrite climate change curriculum for Northwest Earth Institute as both an intern and volunteer, and really found her calling as a site supervisor with Saint Louis Earth Day’s Recycling on the Go program, where she educated the public about recycling and composting and learned sorting recyclables out of trash cans can actually be really fun!

Ashley describes herself as outgoing, loyal, caring, creative, and fun—as well as an activist and fighter for equity. And you will always find her listening to music and busting a move! Ashley is right in tune with folks at Energy Insight.

Ashley Johns