Peter Gephart, Energy Analyst

Learning new things is exciting to Peter Gephart—something he experiences every day as an energy analyst for Energy Insight, Inc. The avid cyclist and cross country skier is always on the move, looking for creative opportunities to help customers conserve energy in ways that make sense for their businesses.

Peter is energized by assisting in energy audits, sales tax exemption studies, and benchmarking. He generates rebates through utility conservation programs by encouraging clients to install high efficiency equipment.

A love of the outdoors and traveling led the Minnesota native to attend graduate school at the University of Denver, where he earned a Master of Applied Science in Environmental Policy and Management. That is where he got his start in energy efficiency, landing internships at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the Colorado Energy Office. He went on to work in controls, an experience that strengthened his technical knowledge of building operations and energy efficiency.

In addition to energy conservation and outdoor sports, he enjoys craft beer and visiting breweries. Peter is the man to talk energy-saving strategies over a cold brew.

Peter Gephart