Ryan Krueger, Energy Analyst

Ryan is equally at ease socializing with colleagues and friends as he is alone in the wilderness for days at a time. This adaptability serves him well as an energy analyst—a position that requires both customer interaction and focused analysis.

Energy analysts wear many hats at Energy Insight, Inc.  Ryan coordinates and oversees direct install programs for major gas and electric utility clients and spends a lot of time on site visits improving the energy efficiency of participating multi-family apartment complexes. He thrives on working directly with facility managers to increase the efficiency of apartment buildings and on using infrared thermal imaging of building envelopes to identify and tackle hidden problems.

Ryan graduated from St. Cloud State University with a bachelor’s degree in urban planning.  He believes we all have a duty to preserve the environment for future generation and says it starts with reducing the demand for energy. That saves businesses money while slowing the need to tap oil reserves.

Most people are surprised to learn Ryan is a fraternal twin. He sets himself apart with a dry, subtle wit and laid back personality. Ryan also looks for balance between nature and consumption. He is on a personal quest to visit every State Park in Minnesota and National Park in the country—and he is well on his way!


Ryan Krueger