NEW VIDEO–A Great Place to Work

Why would people want to work at Energy Insight? We are a growing company in an exciting, dynamic, challenging and technology-driven field. The work we do in the energy efficiency/sustainability/renewable energy arena saves businesses money, improves the economy, and is good for the environment. We take pride in the services we provide and in the strong relationships we build with customers.

As a company, we value diversity and unique perspectives. We welcome employees from all backgrounds and provide advancement opportunities for everyone on our team. Employees are encouraged to attend seminars, conferences and training to grow their professional and leadership skills so they can advance in their career objectives and in life.

The work we do is important and serious, but we accomplish it in a fun, casual work environment that encourages innovation and self expression. Healthy employees need balance in their lives. We urge our team members to follow their passions in life. People succeed when they love what they are doing and are doing what they love!

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