NEW VIDEO–Steam Trap Studies

Steam is used in many commercial and industrial settings for both heat and as a driving force for equipment such as turbine driven compressors or pumps. It takes a lot of energy (primarily natural gas) and money to generate steam, so it makes sense to operate these systems as efficiently as possible.

That is where steam traps come into play. Steam traps are automatic valves that open, close, or modulate to filter out water and air without letting steam escape. Like any mechanical devices, steam traps can fail and need maintenance or replacement. If a steam trap fails and steam is released along with the condensate or gas, the energy used to generate and distribute it are wasted.

A Steam Trap Study by Energy Insight, Inc., helps commercial and industrial clients evaluate and identify failing steam traps, develop a plan of action to fix them, and access rebates or incentives available through their utility (usually natural gas) providers.