The story of Energy Insight, Inc., spans almost three decades. It is the capstone in the long, successful career of founder and Vice President Matt Haley, who established Energy Insight, Inc., as a new kind of company in the energy efficiency field—one committed to demonstrating the strong business case for energy conservation as well as its sustainable benefits.

Matt has helped businesses thrive through energy efficiency for decades and has seen the bottom-line advantages first hand. He is a firm believer that if more companies understood how much they could save by investing in energy conservation, it would be a top priority throughout the business world.

This belief grew out of nearly 30 years in the energy industry, more than half of them in ownership and principal management positions of energy consulting firms. Prior to launching Energy Insight, Inc., in 2013, Matt was a founding partner and CEO of Energy Management Solutions, Inc., and was owner and president of Matt Haley & Associates, Inc., a successful Eden Prairie-based consulting firm that specialized in energy conservation, on-site energy audits, utility rebates and technology reviews.

In September 2019, Energy Insight was acquired by Frontier Energy, Inc., a professional services firm delivering energy efficiency, market transformation, and transportation solutions through program development and implementation, technical consulting, and technology development.

The Energy Insight team remains second to none in passion, experience and integrity. Each person has been handpicked for his or her creativity, professionalism and personal commitment to sustainability. Together, they are determined to help utilities, companies and organizations reap the financial rewards of energy efficiency and showcase their environmental stewardship.