We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about what we do and always take the extra time to make sure our clients’ needs are met and to advocate on your behalf.

We firmly believe in energy efficiency and use tried and true solutions in innovative ways. By seeking out the latest technologies and developments, we are able to help businesses control costs through energy conservation and innovation. The cumulative knowledge gained through working with thousands of businesses each year benefits all of our clients. Our team’s unique perspectives, interests and experiences combine with a common vision to deliver energy savings that make business sense.

Matt Haley, Vice President—Matt never tires of helping businesses, clients and customers save energy and lower costs. New technologies, fresh faces and innovative ideas keep the founder of Energy Insight, Inc., inspired after nearly 30 years in the energy-efficiency field. (READ MORE)

Margit Barot, Energy Engineer—Most of the businesses Margit encounters really want to reduce their energy consumption, but barriers get in the way. He tracks down technologies and incentives that match their requirements and helps them secure rebates—eliminating hassles that keep companies from saving energy. (READ MORE)

Clare Brandt, Energy Analyst—Clare believes we cast a vote for the world we wish to see with every action, great or small. Energy Insight’s work helps people take steps toward a cleaner, safer, more sustainable future—a world in which all can thrive. (READ MORE)

Micah Broehm, Energy Analyst—Micah enjoys system analysis and is driven to optimize ways we use energy in our modern world. His inquisitive nature and analytical approach are strong assets when conducting energy assessments, identifying system improvement opportunities, and calculating savings and rebates for customers. (READ MORE)

Anikka Brokken, Administrative AssistantAnikka is a natural born detective who loves to learn new things about items she finds and people she meets. That curiosity and attention to detail come in handy as Energy Insight’s administrative assistant. She tracks everything from ordering and maintaining office supplies to managing customer files, following projects, and planning company events. (READ MORE)

Nick Campbell, Direct Install Lead—Nick traces his passion for green energy and protecting the Earth back to his grandfather, who always paused to pick up litter on their walks together. Today, Nick walks others through ways to conserve energy as direct install lead for Energy Insight, Inc. (READ MORE)

Katie Cooper, Assistant Project Manager—Katie’s desire to be a good steward of our planet and its resources inspires her to help people and businesses save energy. At home, she embraces simple living and organic gardening, while at work she is a powerhouse, helping to move projects forward quickly and efficiently. (READ MORE)

Janhavi Datar, Energy Analyst—Janhavi starts every day with a list of things to accomplish, from finishing a report at work to preparing a new recipe for dinner. These daily goals keep her focused and productive—important qualities in an energy analyst! (READ MORE)

Dan Dymanyk, Direct Install Specialist—Dan is an avid skateboarder and budding guitarist who likes helping other people and having a positive impact on the environment. He does both as a direct install specialist at Energy Insight, Inc., installing energy- and water-saving products in multi-family buildings served by some of Minnesota’s largest utilities. (READ MORE)

Doug Eli, Energy Engineer—Saving energy is good for the planet. That conviction inspires Doug in his daily work with customers. Doug promotes energy conservation and incentive programs that help businesses reduce waste and conserve natural resources—while strengthening their bottom lines. (READ MORE)

Tanuj Gulati, Senior Energy Engineer—Tanuj is a driving force at work and in his free time. Recognized as an AEE “Energy Innovator of the Year” and one of Midwest Energy News magazine’s “40 Under 40” in 2016, Tanuj drives businesses to make cost-conscious, energy saving choices. He also drives cattle on horseback near Rocky Mountain National Park—again herding movement in a positive direction. (READ MORE)

Riley Haley, Direct Install Specialist—Riley knows that helping customers save money on energy ultimately results in more efficient, eco-friendly products and services that help the environment. That is what excites him about working in the energy efficiency field. As the son of Energy Insight, Inc., President Matt Haley, Riley is learning about the family business through hands-on experience. (READ MORE)

Mark Harris, Associate Energy Engineer—Mark grew up on Lake Superior and loves surfing the Great Lakes. He also enjoys riding the wave of sustainability as he works with Energy Insight customers to maximize the benefits and rewards of energy efficiency. (READ MORE)

Ben Heimall, Energy Analyst—Ben is passionate about helping people and about improving the health of our planet. The former U.S. Air Force medic does both as an energy analyst. He helps businesses save energy and lower costs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. (READ MORE)

Samantha Hoffman, Associate Energy Engineer—Sam dives right into her work. This former Division I college swimmer is now immersed in site surveys and data analysis, applying technical knowledge and skills to help businesses achieve their energy conservation goals. (READ MORE)

Sam Johnson, Direct Install Specialist—Sam enjoys working with his hands and helping people transition to sustainable energy usage. He is putting both of these passions to work as part of Energy Insight’s direct install team, advancing energy- and water-saving products that benefit building owners and residents of multifamily facilities. (READ MORE)

Vicki Kabat-Szklarz, Accounting Specialist—Vicki likes variety, something she experiences every day as accounting specialist at Energy Insight, Inc. Her role goes far beyond accounting, payroll, and purchasing. Experience in marketing, project management, information technology, and systems administration makes her the “go to” for many key office functions. (READ MORE)

Russ Liupakka, Energy Analyst—When Russ gets involved in a project, he won’t stop until it is finished. The full-blooded Finn describes himself as fairly laid back, but he is a tireless, tenacious advocate for business owners that want to cut energy costs and become more profitable. Of course, a sauna at the end of the day helps. (READ MORE)

Emmanuel Okanla, Energy Analyst–Emmanuel jumps right into new experiences—whether it is skydiving or helping Energy Insight customers make the leap toward energy efficiency. He is an expert at navigating obstacle courses and knows that no hurdles are insurmountable. (READ MORE)

Ritvik Parupalli, IT Associate—Ritvik loves learning and working with new technologies. His position as an IT associate is providing new insights into business intelligence tools and how the technology is used in the energy efficiency industry. (READ MORE)

Aaron Perry, Associate Energy Engineer—Everyone has a sphere of influence in their life, and Aaron strives to make a positive impact on those in his immediate circle. That is good news for Energy Insight customers who work with Aaron to identify energy-saving opportunities that make business sense. (READ MORE)

Megan Pospisil, Associate Energy Engineer—Helping to make the world a more sustainable place inspires Megan in her work as an associate energy engineer at Energy Insight. She enjoys working with rebates and educating customers not only on what they can do to get money back now but on how sustainable choices can save money and energy in the future. (READ MORE)

Ellie Rabine, Energy Analyst—Ellie is excited to help Energy Insight advance its mission of “Delivering energy savings that make business sense.” She firmly believes the environment and economy can work together to achieve best results for everyone. (READ MORE)

Mike Swanson, Energy Analyst—No two days are the same for Mike as an energy analyst for Energy Insight Inc. His favorite part of the job is meeting and working with new people. Mike assists in rebate programs and provides back-end support, building his industry knowledge and professional credentials toward a progressive career in energy management. (READ MORE)

Scott Wishart, Energy Analyst—Scott Wishart spends a lot of energy biking, running, and engaging in competitive sports, but, at work, he is focused on energy saving. As an energy analyst, Scott fearlessly gathers data, identifies potential energy savings, and coordinates with businesses and utilities to reduce energy consumption in the most appropriate and economical ways. (READ MORE)

Matthew Worms, Energy Analyst—Matthew is eager to unearth energy-saving improvements for business clients. Perhaps that’s why some folks call him “Worms” (or it could be his last name). Either way, he digs in, sharing his knowledge and passion for sustainability in meaningful ways. (READ MORE)

James Jylha, Intern—Ultra running is a passion for James, who has three 50-mile races under his belt and is training for a 100-miler. As an Energy Insight intern embedded at Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, he now has run of WLSSD’s wastewater treatment plant and solid waste sites to inventory lighting and recommend energy-saving improvements. (READ MORE)