Alyssa Stambaugh, Executive Assistant

Having less means living more to Alyssa Stambaugh, who finds more time for things that add value to her world since decluttering and embracing a minimalist life. Energy conservation fits that philosophy, and she is proud to assist Energy Insight in helping businesses and individuals do more using less energy.

Alyssa grew up in Iowa and earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration management from the University of Northern Iowa. She spent three years living and working in Nashville, Tenn., before returning to the Upper Midwest in spring 2019. Alyssa loves to organize and create a positive work environment, essential qualities in her role as executive assistant, helping with office accounting and other critical tasks. She describes herself as trustworthy, high energy, and focused on finding the right solutions, not the easy ones.

As for personality type, Alyssa is an eight on the Enneagram, or “The Challenger.” She is ready to take on any challenge needed to help Energy Insight’s executive team support employees and serve customers.

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