Anikka Brokken, Administrative Assistant

Anikka is a natural born detective who loves to learn new things about items she finds and people she meets. That curiosity and attention to detail come in handy as Energy Insight’s administrative assistant. She tracks everything from ordering and maintaining office supplies to managing customer files, following projects, and planning company events.

Anikka is motivated to help people, animals, and the environment. She is excited to work at a company dedicated to energy efficiency, giving her an opportunity to be part of the “bigger solution.”

Outside of work, Anikka’s investigative nature leads her down many paths. She is an avid hiker, horseback rider, kickboxer, and treasure hunter who enjoys finding antiques and vintage objects with her metal detector or at garage sales and flea markets. She can spend hours researching their origins and how things were used in history. She also loves true crime stories and anything paranormal. That spirit of looking beyond what others might see is an asset to Energy Insight’s team.