Cassie Theisen, Energy Analyst

Cassie Theisen always knew a typical office job would not be a good fit. Her active nature and passion for energy conservation make her well suited to work as an energy analyst, visiting industrial and commercial sites to help customers save money and operate facilities more efficiently.

Cassie is an avid learner who scored top marks both in high school and at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), graduating with a Bachelor of Science in environmental science. Internships in UMD’s Office of Sustainability and at Hartley Nature Center along with field study research in southern England and at Glacial Lake Aitkin helped direct her toward a career in energy conservation. As an energy analyst with Building Operator Certification (BOC) Level I training, Cassie coordinates and conducts facility site visits, calculates energy savings for equipment upgrades, verifies energy savings, and works directly with customers to identify, justify, and complete energy-efficiency improvements.

Outside of work, Cassie loves to travel and is an avid foodie. She has visited 12 countries to date and is well on her way to seeing all 50 states. She recharges by spending time with family, hiking with her dog, and enjoying the great outdoors—filling her with positive energy for whatever life brings!

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