Clare Brandt, Energy Analyst

Clare believes we cast a vote for the world we wish to see with every action, great or small. Energy Insight’s work helps people take steps toward a cleaner, safer, more sustainable future—a world in which all can thrive.

Clare has a passion for running, history, comedy, food, and teaching. These interests could come in handy as an energy analyst at Energy Insight. The job requires frequent runs to client facilities, sharing historic advances in energy efficiency, a good sense of humor, hunger to succeed, and desire to teach others about energy-saving opportunities that make business sense.

A graduate of Luther College with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Clare has led an interesting life that includes driving coast to coast, researching ground beetle diversity in America’s heartland, and performing life-saving CPR on an injured child. Inquisitive, lighthearted, social, and verbose, Clare admits to occasional pontificating, but says, “Feel free to tell me to lay off if I begin to irritate rather than educate.”

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