Dan Dymanyk, Direct Install Specialist

Dan likes helping other people and having a positive impact on the environment. He does both as a direct install specialist at Energy Insight, Inc. The job involves installing LED lightbulbs, low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators, and other energy- and water-saving products in multi-family buildings served by some of Minnesota’s largest utilities.

The most exciting part of his work is seeing the real-world impacts of the products installed, from grateful residents and building maintenance personnel to actual energy savings and reduced carbon emissions. He spends free moments calculating how kilowatt hour savings translate into tons of coal.

When he is not working, Dan is an avid skateboarder and budding guitar player who is passionate about music, electronics, and figuring out how things work. He has volunteered extensively with Habitat for Humanity and sees his current position as building upon that experience. Dan’s unique personality and individual style set him apart, while strengthening the Energy Insight team.