Janhavi Datar, Energy Analyst

Janhavi starts every day with a list of things to accomplish, from finishing a report at work to preparing a new recipe for dinner. These daily goals keep her focused and productive—important qualities in an energy analyst!

Janhavi first developed an interest in energy efficiency while working on a biomass project as an undergraduate student in India. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, then moved to Chicago for a master’s program in energy engineering, graduating in December 2017.

As an energy analyst at Energy Insight, Inc., Janhavi applies that knowledge in meaningful ways. She enjoys site visits, communicating with customers, performing energy-saving calculations and working with colleagues to help businesses make smart choices that save energy and lower costs.

In and out of the workplace, she is confident, hardworking and passionate. She loves to travel, meet people and explore new places and cultures. Janhavi is a talented and energetic addition to the Energy Insight team!

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