Jon Vesta, Energy Engineer

Finding simple solutions for complex problems (and sometimes the reverse) motivates Jon Vesta. Jon knows the building components of commercial and industrial facilities inside and out, from lighting and HVAC to refrigeration, compressed air, and variable speed drive motors. He uses that knowledge to help clients save money.

Jon is a Certified Energy Auditor with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota. He applies principles of engineering to calculate energy savings and utility rebates for conservation improvements. He also assists with the measurement and verification of savings for large energy-saving projects.

Dependable, industrial, kind, and honest describe Jon on the job and in his personal life. He and his wife became very active in the March of Dimes after their first daughter was born five weeks early and needed extra care. Now parents of two girls, they support the organization to help other families deal with the daily challenges of caring for premature babies.

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