Katie Cooper, Assistant Project Manager

Katie’s desire to be a good steward of our planet and its resources inspires her to help people and businesses save energy. At home, she embraces simple living and organic gardening, while at work she is a powerhouse, helping to move projects forward quickly and efficiently.

As assistant project manager, Katie performs reporting, documentation, invoicing, and other duties needed to keep projects on track. She is a strong communicator with an English degree from St. Olaf College and experience in nonprofit development and communications.

Katie also taught yoga for 10 years and is passionate about personal transformation and evolution. She enjoys following sports, particularly Twins baseball and elite running, and is an avid competitor in pub trivia. Katie has a contemplative and serious side, and also can be lighthearted and rather goofy (especially during play time with her dog). She brings both focus and levity to the office environment.