Matthew Worms, Energy Analyst

Matthew is eager to unearth energy-saving improvements for business clients. Perhaps that’s why some folks call him “Worms” (or it could be his last name). Either way, he digs in, sharing his knowledge and passion for sustainability in meaningful ways.

As an energy analyst, Matthew manages energy assessments, determines system improvements, and helps businesses make choices that save energy and money. The University of Minnesota graduate holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science, policy and management. He sees opportunities through his work to move companies and communities toward a more sustainable future.

Fairness is a strong value in Matthew’s life, and he is energized to act when he sees injustice. He can be quiet or outgoing depending on the situation, but he always loves to laugh! As a student, Matthew spent a year in Argentina living with a host family and hitchhiked through Chile. “Worms” doesn’t squirm at adventure.

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