Nick Campbell, Direct Install Lead

Nick Campbell traces his passion for green energy and protecting the Earth back to his grandfather, who always paused to pick up litter on their walks together. Today, Nick walks others through ways to conserve energy as direct install lead for Energy Insight, Inc., and likes to believe he keeps his grandfather’s legacy alive.

Nick assists with multi-family energy assessments and direct installs of resource-saving items such as LED and CFL replacement lights, low-flow shower heads, and water-saving faucet aerators. He enjoys visiting project sites and working with his hands. A graduate of Brown College with a Bachelor of Science in game design and development, Nick also is passionate about art, particularly in video games. When he is not working at Energy Insight, Inc., he freelances as a graphic designer and enjoys motorcycling.

“I’m a laid back person,” Nick says, “but I like to get things done.”

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