Ritvik Parupalli, IT Associate

Ritvik loves learning and working with new technologies. His position as an IT associate is providing new insights into business intelligence tools and how the technology is used in the energy efficiency industry.

Ritvik brings powerful IT skills to the job. He has a Bachelor of Technology in information technology and currently is pursuing a Master of Engineering Management from St. Cloud State University. Ritvik’s technical aptitude in operating systems, databases, algorithms and programming languages makes him a natural to assist Energy Insight in using business intelligence tools and cutting-edge hardware and software to generate reports, track projects, and manage complex data sets. He also is working with a team from Frontier Energy, Energy Insight’s parent company, to integrate devices like laptops, iPads and mobile phones into the Microsoft Endpoint Manager tool. This will be followed by management, threat protection and ensuring device compliance to standard security policies.

A self-described “novice” in the field of energy conservation, Ritvik views this position as an opportunity to learn new things while helping Energy Insight operate more effectively through technology. New technologies have long been a passion for Ritvik, who served as vice president of a technical team called Ingenuity during his undergraduate studies. It connected college students with industry professionals who use innovative technologies in their work—something he now is experiencing firsthand at Energy Insight.