Sam Johnson, Direct Install Specialist

Sam enjoys working with his hands and helping people transition to sustainable energy usage. He is putting both of these passions to work as part of Energy Insight’s direct install team, advancing energy- and water-saving products that benefit building owners and residents of multifamily facilities.

Positivity is one of Sam’s strong suits, and it carries over into everything he does. Sam graduated from Augsburg University with degrees in economics and environmental studies. He holds a strong belief in the perils of climate change and wants to assist society in becoming more sustainable. Three years of experience in the concrete business taught Sam how to balance communication between contractors and clients, skills that will come in handy in his work at Energy Insight.

Sam grew up in White Bear Lake, Minn., and is an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, swimming, and spending time with his dog, Zeke. In 2016, he drove from Los Angeles to New York City in an SUV, an experience that deepened his respect for the environment and strengthened his desire to preserve our country’s natural resources and uniquely American way of life. Now on a quest for sustainability, he is eager to meet new people and help them solve energy issues along the way.