CUSTOMER PROFILE: Central Municipal Power Community Services (CMPCS)

The Milk Specialties whey processing plant in Mountain Lake, Minn., operates around the clock, producing around 800,000 pounds of dairy protein each week for use in sports nutrition and functional food applications. Production has surged in the past decade with growing global demand for dairy protein products. To succeed in this highly competitive field, Milk Specialties tightly manages costs, including electricity.

Since 2015, Energy Insight, Inc., has worked on behalf of Mountain Lake Municipal Utilities to help Milk Specialties and other commercial-industrial customers in the small Minnesota community save energy and lower electric utility costs. The relationship is saving Milk Specialties more than $70,000 per year to date, and projects currently planned or underway could bring combined annual savings to more than $125,000.

Mountain Lake is one of 12 utilities in Minnesota served by Central Municipal Power Community Services (CMPCS), a division of Central Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (CMMPA). CMPCS helps customers of the joint agency’s member utilities make smart energy choices with programs that encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy Insight is the organization’s primary commercial energy consultant and works with 11 utilities in the CMPCS network.

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Margit Barot checks energy efficient motors at Milk Specialties

Energy Engineer Margit Barot checks energy efficient motors at Milk Specialties.