Employee Engagement Builds an Award-Winning Team


Energy Insight recently rolled out the red carpet for its own play on The Oscars. The company-wide awards ceremony honored employees as stars in the field of energy efficiency. President Matt Haley presented mini statuettes, recognizing members of Energy Insight’s ensemble cast for their outstanding performances in key roles.

The employee recognition event was part of two days dedicated to team building and leadership training. Day one began with a session led by Julie Sampson of Innovative Growth. It built upon data gathered through Officevibe, a human resources survey tool used to improve employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. Staff members completed surveys and voted for peers that best demonstrated qualities such as responsibility, compassion, initiative, humility, and attention to detail. That information was used to determine awards (see graphic of winners).

“It wasn’t just managers but coworkers and peers recognizing and thanking people for doing outstanding work,” Haley said. “And they provided reasons why recipients deserved the awards.”

Following the awards ceremony, employees put teamwork into play at Topgolf, keeping their eyes on the ball while strengthening professional relationships. They returned to work the next day refreshed for a Trillium Teams “Team Building with DISC” workshop.

DISC centers on personality traits that shape individual work and communication styles. Participants completed online DISC assessments and personal interviews prior to the session, then spent the day in one-on-one discussions, small group interactions, and large group presentations to better understand their peers’ unique styles and strengths in the workplace.

In 2018, Energy Insight staff devoted nearly 2,250 hours to professional development and training, from conferences and workshops on industry topics to training sessions on project management, leadership, and team building. That commitment to excellence continues in 2019 and beyond.

“We believe in continual improvement and always strive to become a better company and employer,” Haley said.  “Our corporate culture is one where people are valued and respected.  We care about employees and want to provide opportunities for growth and development. It leads to higher employee satisfaction, helps us recruit and retain talent, and ultimately improves our ability to serve customers.”

Award winners list