Energy Engineer

Energy Insight Inc. – Chanhassen, MN

Job Location: Chanhassen, MN

Energy Insight is a passionate, resourceful team of professionals, specializing in services that help utilities and end users deliver their energy conservation programs and meet their goals to lower costs by using energy more effectively. We are seeking a talented, responsible, and self-motivated individual to join our team to support our customers with their energy saving objectives. Learn more about us on our website:

Job Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

Responsible for conducting energy audits of all aspects of energy management and demand-side management at commercial and industrial facilities to gather information about energy consuming systems (such as HVAC, lighting, compressed air, steam, refrigeration, process loads, etc.). This position requires a deep understanding of energy consuming systems within facilities, such HVAC, lighting, compressed air, steam, refrigeration, process loads, etc., which is knowledge typically gained through the course of studies in Mechanical Engineering. Also, will supervise a team comprised of an Energy Engineer and Energy Analyst.

The duties for this position include: 1) Performing site surveys to assess energy efficient opportunities through client interviews and facility energy assessments. Site surveys may include gathering nameplate data, conducting lighting fixture counts, reading blue prints, gathering mechanical schedules, and taking electrical amp readings as needed, and gathering energy efficient measures that are appropriate to the operating requirements, energy consuming systems, and energy management systems of the facility; 2) Identifying needed infrastructure upgrades; 3) Analyzing 15-minute interval data to establish baseline energy consumption and demand response capacity; 4) Communicating results to clients and utility contacts; and 4) Assisting sales staff in selling energy conservation products and services to clients.

The work is primarily conducted indoors in a climate-controlled environment. Customer site work that will occur regularly includes (but is not limited to) construction zones, hospitals, schools, commercial spaces, and industrial process sites. This position also requires travel (primarily by car or occasionally by airplane) approximately 25% of the time to client sites in Minnesota.

Job Requirements:

BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field (with a minimum 3.1 GPA), with coursework that includes subjects related to Energy Engineering, such as Conduction Heat Transfer, Convection Heat Transfer, Radiation Heat Transfer, Computational Heat Transfer, Thermodynamic Theory, Applied Mathematics, and Optimal Design Mechanical Engineering. PLUS, six months of energy audit experience, which could have been gained as a student intern. Applicant must have permanent work authorization to work in the USA.

Contact: Matt Haley – Energy Insight Inc.
Phone: 952-767-7464