Energy Analyst Cassie Theisen Named to Duluth Energy Plan Commission

Energy Analyst Cassie Theisen by water

Cassie Theisen

Energy Insight will have a seat at the table as the City of Duluth works to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Cassie Theisen, an energy analyst at Energy Insight since 2017, recently was named to the Duluth Energy Plan Commission. Its purpose is to advise the administration and city council on ways to meet the City’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Theisen’s work with Energy Insight, combined with a past internship at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Office of Sustainability, makes her a perfect fit for the position.

“At UMD, I was hired to help update the campus energy action plan, which outlined strategies for 25% carbon emission reduction by 2020 and had a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050,” Theisen said. “The knowledge of energy-efficient technologies and real-life applications I have gained in the last three years with Energy Insight will be incredibly useful to the commission, which currently has a large focus on energy efficiency in buildings.”

Energy Insight currently delivers commercial energy efficiency programs for the City’s ComfortSystems natural gas utility as well as for Minnesota Power, an ALLETE company, based in Duluth. Theisen’s new role will further strengthen Energy Insight’s link with the City’s energy efficiency efforts.

As a commission member, Theisen will help develop and recommend policies consistent with the City’s greenhouse gas reduction goals; review and evaluate the City’s energy plan and assess whether benchmarks are met; promote the City’s use of clean, renewable energy resources; advance community best practices and strategies for reducing greenhouse gases; and keep the city council and mayor informed on progress.

Theisen says her experience visiting with business owners in Duluth on behalf of Energy Insight’s utility clients will provide great insights into what local businesses are capable of in the ways of efficiency and sustainability.

“I have a realistic mindset and am passionate about energy, sustainability, and the city of Duluth,” Theisen said. “This is a unique crossroads between those three things and an opportunity for me to promote positive change in a city that I love.”