Energy Insight, Inc., to Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day 2020

Fifth annual national event urging everyone to “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.”

In recognition of the 5th annual national Energy Efficiency Day (#EEDay2020) on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, Energy Insight, Inc., is joining regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, universities, and individuals in promoting energy efficiency – the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut utility bills, and reduce pollution.

Energy efficiency is an economic engine, amassing a U.S. workforce of nearly 2.4 million by the beginning of this year before suffering dramatic impacts due to COVID-19. Ranging from professional services to manufacturing, installation, and construction, these good jobs are local and cannot be outsourced as the economy emerges from the pandemic.

“Workers in the energy efficiency industry must play a significant role as communities, states, and the country as a whole recover from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19,” said Matt Haley, vice president, Energy Insight, Inc. “Now, more than ever, we need to harness the economic power of energy efficiency to create good paying jobs while helping businesses of all sizes save energy, lower costs, and shore up their bottom lines.”

Smarter energy use means we don’t have to generate as much power to meet our needs. Many people don’t realize that Energy Insight, Inc., has already made significant, forward-thinking investments in energy savings, resulting in its office facility consistently achieving ENERGY STAR certification. Walking the talk speaks volumes as its energy engineers and analysts work with utilities, commercial/industrial customers, and individuals to make energy-saving facility upgrades and behavioral changes that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

“We see this bear out in the customers we serve, from small retail stores to large industrial plants, healthcare systems, and college campuses,” Haley said, noting that Energy Insight, Inc., was founded more than 20 years ago on the belief that energy conservation delivers bottom-line advantages along with environmental benefits. “Each year, our team visits more than 10,000 businesses across Minnesota. Combined annual electric savings generally exceed 80,000,000 kWh and 50,000 dth of natural gas—the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 12,574 passenger vehicles driven for one year.”

Please join us in next few weeks as we gear up for Energy Efficiency Day 2020 #EEDay2020. Take part in the conversation, and look for ways you can be part of the solution.

About #EEDay2020: On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, a growing network showcases the vital benefits of energy efficiency during the 5th annual nationwide Energy Efficiency Day. Learn how we can all save money, cut pollution, create jobs and more at