ENERGY STAR Performance for 4th Year!

Energy Insight continues to lead by example, earning ENERGY STAR® certification for its office building for the fourth year in a row!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certification program recognizes buildings that demonstrate superior energy performance. The designation means Energy Insight’s office facility has been verified to outperform 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide, based on weather-normalized source energy use that considers occupancy, hours of operation, and other key metrics.


Consistently achieving ENERGY STAR certification means a lot to folks at Energy Insight. The company focuses on helping businesses identify and complete energy-efficient facility upgrades that make business sense. In many cases, those upgrades qualify clients for ENERGY STAR certification.

“We truly belive in the social, economic, and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, and we are honored to once again achieve ENERGY STAR certification,” said Energy Insight President Matt Haley. “Energy-saving technologies installed in our office are among the same ones we recommend to customers—we know how well they work, because we use them ourselves.”

Energy Insight’s facility features LED lighting, a Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostat, and a heat recovery ventilation unit that provides fresh air while conserving building heat.

On average, ENERGY STAR-certified buildings use 35 percent less energy, cause 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and are less expensive to operate than their peers—all without compromising performance or comfort.

ENERGY STAR is the only energy efficiency certification in the United States based on actual, verified energy performance. The program has been America’s resource for saving energy and protecting the environment for more than 20 years. Thousands of facility owners and managers across the country use ENERGY STAR to improve the energy performance of their buildings. Energy Insight is proud to be part of that growing legacy.

ENERGY STAR Certified OfficeENERGY STAR Certified OfficeENERGY STAR Certified Office