Industrial Clients Save Energy, Reduce Emissions, and Lower Costs

A new report released by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) confirms what Energy Insight, Inc., has known for years—energy efficiency is the starting point for curbing industrial carbon emissions.

Transforming Industry: Paths to Industrial Decarbonization in the United States is part of ACEEE’s Industrial Decarbonization Initiative, an ongoing effort to mobilize stakeholders and remove carbon from the industrial equation. It identified energy efficiency, including energy management and optimization, as the foundational strategy for industrial decarbonization because of its ability to “immediately and simultaneously” reduce emissions, cut costs, and increase competitiveness.

According to the study, simple and relatively inexpensive modifications to industrial buildings and equipment can potentially reduce energy consumption by 10% to 20%. These include:

  • Switching to LED lights;
  • Properly sizing and maintaining heating and cooling equipment;
  • Installing high efficiency pumps, fans, and motors with variable frequency drives;
  • Adjusting air compressor systems to optimize pressure and eliminate leaks; and
  • Implementing strategic energy management programs.

Thousands of manufacturing plants and other commercial and industrial facilities across the Upper Midwest are benefiting from these and other proactive steps, thanks to Energy Insight’s involvement.

Energy Insight has decades of experience in commercial and industrial energy efficiency and strategic energy management. Its team of engineers, energy analysts, project managers, direct install specialists, and support personnel interacts with more than 10,000 commercial and industrial utility customers each year, helping them identify and implement energy-saving projects. Combined annual energy savings are around 80 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 50,000 dekatherms of natural gas.

It accomplishes this with a toolbox of programs specifically designed to help commercial and industrial clients reduce energy usage and lower costs for sustainable savings and long-term financial success. These include:

The ACEEE report concludes that industrial decarbonization is essential to fighting climate change—and doing it right is essential to the U.S. economy. That is especially true as the country rebounds from the devastating impacts of COVID-19 shutdowns.

Now, more than ever, Energy Insight’s mission of “Delivering energy savings that make business sense” makes sense!

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