NEW VIDEO – Compressed Air Leak Study

A wide variety of industrial businesses use compressed air in their processes. For example, refineries, assembly plants, metal fabricators and food processors might rely on compressed air to operate air tools on production lines, eject pieces from production molds, blow molded plastic bottles, sand blast and finish metal, apply paint and coatings, drive screws, turn nuts and many other applications.

An air compressor takes air at atmospheric pressure, pressurizes it and then delivers it through piping to be used in different processes. The compressed air is pushed through pipes, fittings and valves to get where it is needed. Over time, wear and tear on these components can lead to leaks. These leaks are very expensive to industrial organizations. It takes electricity to power motors to compress air, and a small leak can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy depending on the size of an operation.

A Compressed Air Leak Study by Energy Insight, Inc., helps industrial clients evaluate and identify compressed air leaks and areas where they could get by without expensive compressed air, develop a plan of action to fix them, and access rebates or incentives available through their utility (usually electric) providers. In many cases, Energy Insight also can get utilities to pay a portion of the cost of the study—reducing the upfront cost to customers.