Joe Haley’s Red Frog Beach Remains Panama’s Only Green Globe Certified Resort

Joe Haley Panama | Red Frog Beach ResortRed Frog Beach Island Resort and Spa in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, has once again achieved Green Globe certification for sustainable tourism and remains the only resort in the country with this prestigious designation. Tanuj Gulati of Energy Insight, Inc., an accredited Green Globe auditor, initially certified the property in February of 2017 and assisted Joe Haley and Red Frog Beach staff through the recertification process. His colleague Energy Analyst Ben Heimall helped prepare the required documentation.

Red Frog Beach Resort and Spa

Red Frog Beach Resort and Spa

“This is a big deal,” said Joe Haley, Panama resident and president of Red Frog Beach. “It took a tremendous amount of time and effort by hard-working staff to monitor improvements and document progress for recertification. Thank you to the professionals at Energy Insight for their continued guidance and support in our quest to be the first world-class, large-scale green resort of its kind.”

Green Globe provides sustainability certification for the international travel and tourism industry. It is widely recognized as the highest standard of excellence for sustainable tourism and lets socially conscious travelers know that businesses like Red Frog Beach are committed to environmental stewardship, cultural and historic preservation, and fair trade.

Red Frog Beach’s initial certification, led by Gulati and a team from Energy Insight, required an extensive onsite analysis and detailed audit, along with in-depth interviews with Joe Haley, staff, and management. Recertification required proof the resort continues to meet Green Globe’s rigorous standards for sustainability, which cover 44 core criteria supported by more than 380 compliance indicators.

Joe Haley Panama

Some of the sustainability measures underway at Red Frog Beach include efforts to decrease the property’s footprint through reforestation; sustainable design and construction of all building projects; use of natural amenities, green space, native vegetation, and locally inspired architecture; guest education to ensure protection of frogs and other animal species; employment of local residents; and purchases of local and fair trade goods and services whenever possible. The resort also owns and operates a 193 kW solar energy system that provides nearly 25 percent of its power needs. Energy Insight President Matt Haley was a key consultant in the solar project.

“Red Frog Beach deserves a lot of credit for not just achieving the high standards of Green Globe certification but continuing to raise the bar every year,” said Gulati. “This international recognition provides a competitive advantage and helps meet travelers’ expectations for social and environmental responsibility.”

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