Red Frog Beach Earns Green Globe Certification for Third Year!

green globe logoRed Frog Beach Island Resort in Bocas Del Tora, Panama, is a place of rare beauty, with upscale villas, pristine beaches, and breathtaking natural surroundings. It also is among the world’s most sustainable “green” resorts—a position recently confirmed on an international scale.

In February 2020, Red Frog Beach once again met the stringent requirements for Green Globe certification and remains the only resort in Panama to achieve this prestigious status. Green Globe auditors at Energy Insight, Inc., recertified the property.

Red Frog Beach beach shot

Red Frog Beach is a place of great natural beauty.

Green Globe is widely recognized as the highest standard of excellence for sustainability in the international travel and tourism industry—covering 44 core criteria supported by more than 380 compliance indicators. Red Frog Beach first achieved Green Globe certification in 2017, and owners, managers, and staff work hard to ensure annual recertification.

It is not easy. Green Globe recertification is a labor-intensive process that requires monitoring, documentation, and verification of progress on multiple fronts—from environmental stewardship to economic justice and respect for the local culture.

Red Frog solar panels and rainwater collection tanks

Red Frog Beach has invested in solar energy and a rainwater collection system to operate more sustainably.

“Our resort development company is honored to earn the Green Globe certification for the third year in a row,” said Joe Haley, president of Red Frog Beach and a resident of Panama. “As the only Green Globe Certified resort in Panama, our company is grateful for the award requirements that have helped us toward becoming one of the most socially responsible resorts of its kind in the Southern Caribbean.”

Energy Insight, Inc., has two accredited Green Globe auditors on staff: Senior Energy Engineer Tanuj Gulati and Energy Analyst Matthew Worms. Both have assisted Red Frog Beach in its efforts to achieve or maintain Green Globe certification.

Green Globe auditor Matthew Worms on site with Red Frog Beach staff member Danilo.

Green Globe Auditor Matthew Worms at Red Frog Beach with Danilo, a member of the resort staff

Worms verified the latest recertification, which extends through February 2021. He visited the property, met with personnel, and was impressed by Red Frog Beach’s commitment to continuous improvement.

“Since the last audit, Red Frog Beach has implemented a Telkonet (energy management) system, which is able to remotely cool all of the villas, and has installed energy-efficient heat pump water heaters throughout the villas,” Worms said. “It also coordinated with local communities for various environmental initiatives, such as cleaning in nearby Polo Beach.”

These actions build upon past sustainability measures, such as a 193 kW solar energy system that provides approximately 25 percent of Red Frog Beach’s power needs and a rainwater catchment system that collects about 300,000 gallons of rainwater per month. Red Frog Beach also has invested in reforestation of teak, eucalyptus, and native fruit trees and encourages guests to treat native wildlife and vegetation with respect. The resort employs local residents and purchases local and fair-trade goods and services whenever possible.

Sign with sustainability measures

Red Frog Beach encourages guests to use resources responsibly.

“It is inspiring to see Red Frog Beach raise the bar every year,” said Gulati, who initially certified the resort in 2017. “Green Globe standards are high. This international recognition lets travelers know that Red Frog Beach is on the forefront of social and environmental responsibility.”

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