Commercial-Industrial Energy Analysis

You cannot fully understand potential energy savings without a close look at how your building uses energy. Energy Insight, Inc., offers a full range of commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional energy analysis, from basic assessments to comprehensive audits and everything in between. We are committed to delivering recommendations that are data-driven and financially sound. The greatest benefits of energy savings occur when projects are completed in sensible ways that provide reasonable paybacks and high returns on investment.

  • Level I: Site Assessment or Basic Walk-Through—We assess recent energy bills and conduct a walk-through inspection to identify no-cost/low-cost energy-saving opportunities and general capital improvements. This step is harvesting the proverbial “low hanging fruit.”
  • Level II: Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis—We build upon the site assessment with an in-depth analysis of energy costs, energy usage and building characteristics. This allows us to identify sound energy efficiency measures that fit your conservation goals and budget.
  • Level III: Investment Grade Audits—We collect detailed field data, perform a rigorous engineering analysis, and provide highly accurate cost and savings calculations for proposed conservation projects.
  • Customized Energy Analysis—In addition to or in combination with the above, we provide a full range of specialized, custom energy analysis to meet client needs. We want to help you complete projects, get rebates and save energy. That might mean starting with a lighting analysis and moving on to HVAC, energy management systems, or process improvement recommendations as projects are completed and rebates secured.

Our energy assessments, analyses and audits meet American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standards.

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