Compressed Air Leak Study

Most industrial facilities use compressed air, whether to operate tools, sand blast surfaces, apply paint and coatings, eject items from production lines, clean equipment, or any number of other applications. It takes a lot of energy (usually electricity) to pressurize air and deliver it through pipes, fittings and valves to where it is needed. Leaks in a compressed air system can waste a lot of energy and significantly increase your cost of doing business.

A compressed air leak study by Energy Insight, Inc., will help you identify leaks in your system and evaluate areas where you could save energy and money by eliminating the use of compressed air. We use data loggers and ultrasonic tools to measure air pressure and pinpoint leaks along compressed air lines. Then we tag leaks, estimate their size, calculate how much air and energy is being wasted, and deliver a report to help you make informed decisions.

In addition to sophisticated diagnostics and data management, Energy Insight, Inc., provides utility rebate assistance to help you pay for compressed air system repairs. In many cases, utilities will even cover a portion of the study cost, further reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Finding and fixing leaks can improve your system performance and extend the life of existing air compressors as well as reducing your energy bills. This energy-saving investment definitely makes business sense.

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