Natural Gas Energy Analysis (CenterPoint Energy)

If your commercial or industrial facility is served by CenterPoint Energy, you can benefit from a Natural Gas Energy Analysis. Energy Insight delivers this program on the utility’s behalf, helping customers of all sizes get the most from their energy dollars.

Our certified energy auditors will visit your facility, inspect your building envelope and natural gas equipment, and identify opportunities to save energy and lower costs. You will receive a detailed written report with specific energy-saving recommendations, projected energy and cost savings, and estimated payback for each suggested improvement. CenterPoint Energy offers rebates to help customers make facility upgrades that save natural gas energy.

“The energy assessors take extra time during each site visit to make sure the customer has a visual understanding of their equipment, how it operates, and how it could run more efficiently. The final report contains a summary of energy conservation opportunities as well as supplemental detail on each recommendation and is designed to be relevant to a variety of audiences, whether it’s the CFO, maintenance staff, or a volunteer on a board of directors.”

Emma Ingebretsen, Energy Efficiency Program Administrator, CenterPoint Energy

Participants also qualify for free direct install natural gas saving measures. These include programmable thermostats, low-flow aerators and showerheads, pre-rinse spray valves, and weather stripping for exterior doors.

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