Predominant Use Studies (Sales Tax Exemption)

Many state and local governments allow sales tax exemptions on energy and water that is used directly for manufacturing processes and other specific purposes. A predominant use study (also called a sales tax exemption or utility study) identifies sales tax exemptions that could save your company thousands of tax dollars per year.

Energy Insight, Inc., has performed hundreds of these studies with great success. We collect and analyze comprehensive data for each meter and specific piece of equipment to determine what utility expenses qualify for federal, state or local sales tax exemptions. If we find you are paying too much, we help recover those overcharges through refunds or credits.

Many states require companies to conduct predominant use studies every three years to maintain their sales tax exemption status. A relationship with us will keep you on schedule.

Types of businesses that could benefit:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Agricultural and horticultural operations
  • Mining companies
  • Food and beverage processers
  • Residential health care facilities
  • Schools, churches and nonprofits

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