Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is becoming more available and affordable as technologies improve and utilities respond to state and federal mandates by investing in wind, solar, water and biomass generation. This is good news for businesses and other end users who are seeking to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprints.

Energy Insight, Inc., helps customers determine if renewable energy is a good fit for their operations through these and other services.

Renewable Energy Purchases—Many utilities offer customers options to purchase renewable energy. We research utility portfolios and identify what renewable energy opportunities are available, along with their costs and benefits.

Renewable Energy Generation—Installing a small-scale wind turbine, solar panels or a biofuel energy generator on site is a major investment. We help customers assess options, analyze costs, calculate payback and weigh other factors so decisions are informed and driven by data as well as environmental goals.

Carbon Credits—Businesses and organizations can earn carbon credits through renewable energy purchases and projects. We help customers identify these opportunities and secure carbon credits to reduce or offset emissions and minimize their carbon footprints.

We also track and quantify the results of renewable energy choices and other investments in energy efficiency.